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Discover the perfect combination of style and comfort with Corner Sofa by AHD Furniture. From cozy nights in to entertaining guests, our corner sofas offer unparalleled versatility. Explore our wide range of designs and find the perfect addition to your living space.

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5yr Warranty

Abby Corner Fabric Sofa Set

1 in stock

 100,000 Material: Fabric
5yr Warranty

Abby Fabric Corner Sofa Set

1 in stock

 100,000 Material: Fabric
5yr Warranty

Accent Corner Fabric Sofa Set

1 in stock

 136,000 Material: Leatherette
5yr Warranty

Accent Corner Leather Sofa Set

1 in stock

 136,000 Material: Leatherette
5yr Warranty

Alvin Corner Fabric Sofa Set

1 in stock

 78,000 Material: Fabric
5yr Warranty

Alvin Corner Leather Sofa Set

1 in stock

 78,000 Material: Fabric
5yr Warranty

Amity Fabric Corner Sofa Set

1 in stock

 55,000 Material: Fabric
5yr Warranty

Ashley Corner Fabric Sofa Set Seater

1 in stock

 76,000 Material: Fabric
5yr Warranty

Corner Fabric Sofa With Cushion In Teak Wood

1 in stock

 72,100 Material: Fabric
5yr Warranty

Cuba Fabric Corner Sofa Set

1 in stock

 67,000 Material: Fabric
5yr Warranty

Dawson Corner Fabric Sofa Set

1 in stock

 85,000 Material: Fabric
5yr Warranty

Dawson Fabric Corner Sofa Set

1 in stock

 85,000 Material: Fabric

Buy Corner Sofa Online: Exclusive Deals and Discounts

Furniture is a vital component of any home. Not only does it provide comfort, warmth and utility, but it also adds a lot to the overall design of your space. If your home isn’t furnished properly, it doesn’t look right. Whether it’s a sofa set, dining table set, an almirah or any other piece of furniture, it can completely change the look of your home and forms an essential thing for every household. Apart from the practical aspects, your home furnishings speak for your sense of taste and have the ability to completely transform your home’s interior with amazing deals and discounts available.

Sofas make up a large space of your living room furniture. It is very important to choose the right sofa set that matches the interior of the room. Corner sofas have become the best choice for many homeowners due to their ease of use and space-saving features, as well as their elegance. They use the empty corners of your home in the best way possible. Especially if you live in a small room, the choice of AHD’s best corner sofa with an ottoman in velvet and solid wood frame is the best for you. AHD offers a variety of models, styles and various price ranges of corner sofas, so you can choose the one that best suits your space. You can even take a virtual tour of our store and choose your corner sofa online at a competitive price or you can get your customised corner sofa by placing an order online.

What are the things To Consider Before Buying a Corner Sofa Set Online in India?

Corner sofas are a great way to show off and transform your living room into a modern and comfortable environment. If you're thinking about buying a corner sofa, there are many things to consider to make sure it's the right type for your home.

Size of Corner Sofa

One of the primary considerations for buying a corner sofa set online is its size. A corner sofa that is too small or too big can rubble the whole setting. Hence, have a clear purchase decision regarding the size and measurements required and then go for it.

Primary Material used

You have to give more preference to the material used for your corner. Also, consider choosing the fabric type of your corner sofa depending on the usage. Going for long-lasting substances like leather-based or wood is a smart decision when you have kids at home.

Comfort of Corner sofa

Exploring into the comfort and luxury of your corner sofa after a prolonged day is incomparable. Hence, the relief of your sofa set has to no longer be compromised at any cost. Selecting for resilient, yet soft material is a good choice for a corner sofa.

Corner sofa Features

Nowadays, markets have more desirable sofa sets. Recliners have grown to be an increasing number of customer base. Thus, before shopping for your sofa set, make an effort to identify its capabilities and select accordingly.

Design of the corner sofa

The main aspect of the design is a feel of synchronization among the other furniture of your home. A mismatched sofa set can bog down the aesthetics of your living room. Thus, whilst choosing a perfect corner sofa set, make certain to buy one that goes nicely together with your room's ambience, setting, and overall appearance and the material of your sofa, ensuring it is made of durable materials like leatherette, leather, or wood and cushions for added comfort.

Different Types of Corner Sofa Sets

Corner sofas have a wide range of styles, shapes, materials and sizes. So, it's important to understand which kind of corner sofa is ideal for you.

Wooden Corner Sofa Set

If you're searching for the ideal combination of durability and style, you might choose a wooden corner sofa. Your wooden sofa can be matched with the other furniture in your house. You may be sure that AHD offers the best quality teak wood.

Fabric Corner Sofa Set

Choosing a corner sofa made of fabric has many advantages. It enables you to improve the aesthetics of your home with a decorated sofa. Another cosy option is a corner sofa made of fabric.

Leather Corner Sofa Set

If you want your sofa to look sleek and sophisticated, a leather sofa is your best option. It gives your living area an elegant finish and is simple to clean.

Modern Corner Sofa Set

AHD has a striking collection of contemporary corner sofa sets that will leave a long-lasting impression. They are available in a range of colours to suit your needs.

Chesterfield Corner Sofa Set

These days, Chesterfield corner sofas are getting more and more common. Their equal height arms and backs are a defining characteristic. These couches typically have their armrests rolled up. Chesterfield Sofas' exceptional design gives them a high aesthetic value.

Multiple Seaters Corner Sofa Set

A multiple seater corner sofa is your greatest option if you are short on space. Depending on the number of people living at home, you can choose between several multi-seater sectional sofas.

U-shaped corner sofas

Modern and fashionable, U-shaped corner sofas are becoming more and more popular because they maximize seating area, create the illusion of a larger living room, and make corner seats more comfortable.

L-shaped corner sofas

The most common type of corner sofa is an L-shaped one with one edge shorter than the other.

Symmetrical corner sofas

Asymmetrical corner sofa, which is a more conventional style of sofa, provides an equal amount of space on both sides, in contrast to an L-shaped corner sofa where one side is larger than the other.

Corner sofa beds

When a guest needs to spend the night, a corner sofa bed can fold out into a bed. Typically, it has the same form and aesthetic as an L-shaped corner sofa. These sofa beds often offer additional storage space in addition to being available in single or double sizes.

Modular or sectional sofas

Modular, or sectional, sofas let you customize the size and shape of your corner sofa to ensure that it fits precisely in your room. If you're really daring, you can even select various coloured modules to create an entirely different kind of sofa.

Chaise sofas

A chaise corner sofa is perfect for smaller spaces because they are fairly compact. It's designed primarily to let you kick back and relax, even though it doesn't always offer additional seating. You can choose left or right-handed chaise corner sofas, as well as modular sofas with any number of seats, making it the perfect spot to unwind after a long day in your living space. These sofas are not only functional, but they also add a touch of style to any room, making them the perfect piece of furniture to lounge on and add to your wishlist.

Are Corner Sofas Space-Saving?

Corner sofas offer a great space-saving solution because they maximize the amount of space available for seating. You'll probably have some dead space between a three-seater and a two-seater sofa if you decide to put them on opposite walls. Although a table, lamp, or plant can be placed in this area, it might be more advantageous to add a corner sofa for additional seating in limited space, particularly if you host a lot of guests frequently.

How should a Corner Sofa be measured?

Make sure the corner sofa will fit in your house before making a purchase. Measure the area where you want the corner sofa to go first, making sure the sofa's left and right hand measurements will fit. To help you visualize it and get used to the new shape in the space, you might also find it helpful to mark the area. You won't need to measure doorways, elevators, or hallways because corner sofa modules fit together and can be assembled in an extremely simple manner.

Corner sofas: Left or Right Hand Facing?

Left or right facing corner sofas are frequently the subject of much debate, particularly when making an online purchase and viewing photos from various angles. Nevertheless, since L-shaped, chaise, and corner sofa beds are asymmetrical and you don't want your sofa to protrude in the wrong direction, this really only applies when purchasing one of these types of sofas. To find out if the sofa is left- or right-hand facing, it is best to carefully read the description and its measurements

Do Corner Sofas come in two pieces?

In order to facilitate manoeuvring through doors and up any potential stairs, corner sofas are typically delivered in two parts. But some are shipped as a complete unit, so make sure to confirm this before making a purchase and be ready for anything.

Which place is ideal for a Corner Sofa?

There exist a few locations in your home where corner sofas would be highly functional. The living room is the obvious place to put your corner sofa so that the whole family can enjoy it while lounging on a Sunday afternoon or watching TV. In the living room, corner sofas will provide a great focal point, a modern touch, and the illusion of more space, enhancing the overall look and feel of your home. Additionally, the corner seat of a corner sofa is the perfect spot to cuddle up with some hot tea and a good book or to unwind in front of your favourite show on comfortable sofas.

Are you a fan of corner sofas but believe that they would take up too much room in a small house? You don't have to give up on your desire for leisure, though. When designing a small living room, you can create a corner by positioning a corner sofa against one wall and maybe adding a coffee table, rug, and footstool.

In a large house, where should a corner sofa be placed? More varied solutions are available in larger living rooms. For example, if you want to leave a lot of space around a corner sofa, you can place it against the wall to optimize the layout. You can also add armchairs, footstools, tables, and chairs to finish the space. Alternatively, you can position the sofa in the middle of the room to maximize the use of your furnishing accessory.

Frequently asked question

A normal sofa has a standard shape and is meant to be positioned in the living area or against a wall. A corner sofa, on the other hand, is made specifically to fit into empty corners of your home or apartment.

Depending on where you put it, you can choose a corner sofa that is left or right-handed. You will need a right-hand corner sofa if you want the corner and the short edge to be on your right. Nevertheless, if you want it on your left, buy a left-hand corner sofa.

Every house is unique. As a result, the ideal corner sofa design for your house will differ based on the furnishings, available space, and interior decor. Together, you can choose a sofa set that fits your room by taking these things into account.

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