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5yr Warranty

Metal Smart TV Unit TSB 01

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 31,700 Material: Metal
5yr Warranty

Metal Smart TV Unit TSB 02

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 8,800 Material: Metal
5yr Warranty

Metal Smart TV Unit TSB 03

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 11,400 Material: Metal
5yr Warranty

Metal Smart TV Unit TSB 04

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 8,100 Material: Metal
5yr Warranty

Metal Smart TV Unit TSB 05

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 37,400 Material: Metal
5yr Warranty

Metal Smart TV Unit TSB 06

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 9,200 Material: Metal
5yr Warranty

Metal Smart TV Unit TSB 07

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 19,000 Material: Metal
5yr Warranty

Metal Smart TV Unit TSB 08

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 12,800 Material: Metal
5yr Warranty

Metal Smart TV Unit TSB 09

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 17,900 Material: Metal
5yr Warranty

Metal Smart TV Unit TSB 10

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 17,400 Material: Metal
5yr Warranty

Murphy Tv Unit In Imported Teak Wood

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 55,600 Material: Imported Teak Wood
5yr Warranty

TV Unit 3 Open Racks And Drawers In Engineered Wood

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 9,000 Material: Engineered Wood

Wooden TV Units Online

Television sets are not standalone devices. They are a crucial part of our entertainment system which is often accompanied by various other devices such as speakers, gaming consoles, and decoders. All of this requires a suitable space where they can fit ideally. This is where TV units come into the picture, and today, we will focus our discussion on wooden tv units, providing a comprehensive guide before you make your purchase online.

Understanding TV Unit Terminology

Before we discuss specifics, it is important to understand the terminology associated with TV unit furniture. Common terms you may come across include wooden tv stand, wooden tv cabinet, and solid wood tv unit. A wooden tv stand typically refers to a table-like structure that holds the television at a comfortable viewing height.

A wooden tv cabinet, or tv cabinet, refers to a more extensive piece of tv furniture that not only accommodates the television but also has additional storage spaces for other devices, books, or decorations.

A solid wood tv unit means the entire piece of furniture is made from solid, untreated wood, which guarantees exceptional durability and quality.

Types of Wooden TV Units

There are multiple types of wooden TV units that stand out based on the design and functionality. Here, you should consider your preferences and existing interior aesthetics before making a choice.

  • Wooden TV Stand Designs: A TV stand design is simple, classic, and offers basic utility. It provides a platform for your television and limited space for additional devices or decor.
  • Cabinet Design for TV: A cabinet design for the TV offers abundant storage and design appeal. They often come with enclosed sections, shelves, and drawers to store gaming consoles, DVDs, and even books while keeping them organized and dust-free.
  • Main Hall Modern TV Unit Design: Main Hall modern tv unit designs are characterized by sleek lines, minimalistic elements, and functionality. These units fit perfectly into contemporary homes.
  • TV Table: This is the most basic variety of TV unit, offering a flat surface without any additional features or storage. This can be a smart choice for minimalistic interiors.
  • TV Unit Design For Hall and Living Room: These designs combine style with functionality and often act as the centrepiece of the room. They come in a variety of styles from classic to contemporary with intricate detailing, and they're designed specifically to meet the demands of a bustling hall or living room.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

When deciding to buy a tv unit online, there are several factors to take into consideration, such as:

  • Quality and Type of Wood: Wooden tv units can be made from several types of wood, including Oak, Teak, Sheesham, or Mango, each having different levels of durability, texture, and colour. Therefore, the type and quality of wood should be on top of your checklist.
  • Size of the Unit: Before purchasing, it is crucial to measure the space where you plan to place the TV unit and ensure that it aligns with the size of the TV and any additional devices you plan to include.
  • Storage Needs: Understanding your storage needs is critical in selecting the right TV unit. If you have a lot of devices or need space for display or storage, a TV cabinet designs for the living room might be a better option.
  • Design Aesthetics: Since TV units are often the focal point in a space, it is crucial to choose a design that will complement your existing room decor. From traditional to modern TV unit design, the marketplace has something for every aesthetic taste.
  • Budget: Lastly, set your budget because wooden TV units can range significantly in price based on their design and the type and quality of wood used.

So the right wooden TV unit can significantly enhance your TV viewing experience, combine functionality with design, and add a touch of elegance to your room. With careful consideration of the factors mentioned above, you can find the perfect unit that meets your needs and adds a unique touch to your space. The convenience of online shopping allows you to explore countless designs and types before deciding on the best one for your home.

Buy Wooden TV Units Online From AHD

As technology advances, our living spaces transform to accommodate these changes, especially the spaces dedicated to entertainment. One such change is the inclusion of a specific furniture piece for our televisions, known as a TV unit. We will provide a comprehensive guide on wooden TV units, focusing on their benefits, selection, maintenance, and online purchasing.

What is a Wooden TV Unit?

A wooden TV unit is a type of furniture specifically designed to house a television set and other related electronics such as DVD players, gaming consoles, and sound systems. Made primarily from different types of wood, these TV units often come with compartments, shelves, or drawers to facilitate the storage of accessories and other media equipment. In the pursuit of aesthetic pleasure, most people opt for wooden TV units because of their timeless elegance and versatility in matching with various interior design styles.

Benefits of Wooden TV Units

Wooden TV units offer several benefits. Firstly, they are sturdy and durable. Made of wood, these units can withstand heavy weight, ensuring the safety of the expensive electronics placed on them. In terms of aesthetics, wooden TV units bring a warm, cosy, and classic feel to a room. Given their versatility, they can blend and complement various styles, whether traditional or contemporary. Additionally, these units provide a structured space for media equipment and accessories, promoting organization and neatness in the room. Last but not least, with wooden TV units being widely available online, they offer convenience in procurement and selection.

Choosing the Right Wooden TV Unit

When choosing a wooden TV unit online, consider size, design, type of wood, and compatibility with your room. The size should fit your TV and have enough space for related electronics and accessories. Design-wise, make sure it matches your interior decor aesthetics. The type of wood also matters in terms of durability and price; solid woods, such as oak and walnut, are more durable but more expensive than MDF or plywood units. Lastly, check if the unit style is compatible with your living room's theme or colour scheme.

Tips for Maintaining Wooden TV Units

Maintaining a wooden TV unit helps maintain its aesthetic appeal and prolongs its lifespan. Regular dusting with a soft, dry cloth keeps the unit clean. Avoid using harsh chemicals, instead opt for mild wood cleaners. Protect the unit from direct sunlight and moisture as these can cause discoloration or warping. Fixing scratches and dents immediately prevents them from intensifying, and applying a fresh coat of paint or varnish annually can keep the unit looking new and protected from wear and tear.

Buying Online

The internet has made it easy to purchase wooden TV units from the comfort of your home. When buying online, always consider factors such as price, delivery charges, return policy, and customer reviews. Take advantage of the filters provided on e-commerce sites to narrow down your options and suit your preferences. Ensure you buy from reputable sites to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the units.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about wooden TV units:

  • Are wooden TV units expensive? The price varies depending on factors such as the wood type, size, and design complexity. Smaller, plain designs using common wood types are generally more affordable.
  • Can wooden TV units support large televisions? Yes, provided you choose a unit designed to handle the size and weight of larger TV models.
  • Is it safe to order a wooden TV unit online? Yes, it is safe, but make sure to do it from a reputable online store with favourable reviews, good customer service, and fair return policies.

To conclude, wooden TV units are aesthetically pleasing, durable furniture that provides an organized space for a television and its related equipment. To maintain their beauty and longevity, regular cleaning and timely minor repairs are necessary. Buying them online is convenient and offers multiple options, although it's essential to purchase from reputable sources to guarantee getting a quality unit. This comprehensive guide hopes to enlighten current and potential wooden TV unit owners about their utility, selection, maintenance, and purchase.